PO封端FMEE在皮革深层脱脂中的应用《皮革与化工》 2022年 10期

Posted: 2022-11-22

PO封端TEXZO-FMEE在皮革深层脱脂中的应用 《皮革与化工》 2022年 10期





Application of FMEE end-capped with PO in the deeply leather degreasing process


Shanghai Xihe Fine Chemical Co. ,Ltd, Shanghai ,201620,China

Degreasing process is one of the most important process in leather manufacture. The leather degreasing agent not only removes the oil from the leather surface, but also removes the oil from the sebaceous glands of the collagen fibrils and the fatty acid metal soap deposited on the fiber. The PO end-capping Fatty acid methyl Ester ethoxylates was used as the main component of the degreasing agent, and the deeply emulsifying and anti-staining leather degreasing agent was obtained by compounding solvent ethylene glycol tert-butyl ether, emulsifier 1308 and primary-alkyl sulfonate, the ratio of PO end-capping FMEE, ethylene glycol tert-butyl ether, 1308 and primary-alkyl sulfonate is 3:1:1:1, which can remove the oil on the leather surface and penetrate into the collagen fibrils, The degreasing agent can swell the fiber bundles and deeply clean the grease of leather.

Key wordsend-capping with PO;FMEE; deeply emulsifying ; anti-staining; degreasing agent